Thermomix’s ® brilliant print cookbooks have offered a wealth of recipes designed by our Thermomix ® recipe-developer chefs to work perfectly with the Thermomix ®. The Thermomix ® Recipe Platform takes this treasured collection of thousands of recipes online and offers it as a single digital resource that you can access on any connected device.

Just like digital music or e-book services that store your library of digital content online and keep it synchronised over several devices, the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform helps you collect and store all your recipes online with your own personal account. This gives you instant access on your home computer or via the Thermomix ® App for smartphones and tablets. Add a recipe on one device and it is waiting for you when you log in on another. So clever, yet so simple and convenient – a typical Thermomix ® innovation!   

Cooking with the Thermomix ® Recipe Platforms and Thermomix ® App offers limitless potential with thousands of delicious, nutritious and creative recipes to follow. Whatever your cooking needs or style, and whether cooking simple nutritious home meals for yourself, your family or entertaining larger groups, the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform can help you plan and prepare the perfect menus. 

It’s easy to find recipes by ingredients you’d like to cook with or by cuisine type. The platform is the perfect place to browse for ideas and inspiration – and as it’s beautifully illustrated with full colour images, it’s also a great way to whet your appetite and get your creative juices flowing.
The smart weekly planner feature also takes the effort out of staying organised and helps you to make time to try new dishes from your growing recipe collection. Simply drag and drop recipes to days of the week on the planner. It automatically updates a shopping list so you can be sure to have all the ingredients you need to achieve perfect results.



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