Thermomix ® app for smartphones and tablets

The original Thermomix ® App by Vorwerk is the perfect way to explore the world of Thermomix ®. It offers the full experience of the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform on your tablet or smartphone. The app helps you browse through and discover thousands of new recipes that are certified to work perfectly with your Thermomix ®, organises your shopping and dining on a clever weekly planner and presents gorgeously illustrated step-by-step instructions on your smart device.

Using the Thermomix ® App, finding great recipes that are guaranteed to work perfectly with your appliance is now even simpler with mobile access to the brilliant Thermomix ® Recipe Platform. Powerful search features allow you to search by ingredient or even occasion. It’s easy to find what you want. The new Recipe Collections feature now makes it easier to explore new food and add new recipes to your library. Collections of between five and ten recipes bring together dishes around specific themes, cuisines or dietary needs, with new collections and seasonal specials made available for purchase every month. You can choose from thousands of options and build a digital recipe library that’s perfectly tailored to the food that you love best.

To help cooks find inspiration, the start screen of the app presents both familiar recipes and new ideas in a beautiful and easy-to-navigate interface. As well as recipe collections, it features a menu of the week, with dishes selected by our culinary experts. You can also see the best-rated recipes so you know which dishes are getting your fellow enthusiasts excited. And if your passion is staying healthy, that’s easier, too, with clear nutritional advice provided with every recipe.

Plan your weekly meals

The easy-to-use weekly planner feature also takes the effort out of staying organised – which helps you to make time to try new dishes from your growing recipe collection. Simply drag and drop recipes to days of the week on the planner. It automatically updates a shopping list so you can be sure to have all the ingredients you need to achieve perfect results.

A rich visual experience for easy to follow recipes

The Thermomix ® App also offers step-by-step recipes with clear instructions and helpful pictures, making even complex recipes easy to follow. 

The app is optimised for today’s high-resolution phone and tablet displays to provide a rich, interactive visual experience with the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform. With beautifully photographed food and ingredients, the app makes the most of your device’s graphics power and makes browsing for meal ideas even more tempting.

Pricing And Availability 

You can download the iPad and iPhone app for free from the iTunes Store.


The Thermomix App brings you a fantastic new way of cooking. Having this app on your device enables you to plan, shop, prepare and cook your delicious meals quickly and easily. A total of 145 recipes from Vorwerk´s 2nd international cookbook - My Way of Cooking - are brought to you in 9 different languages in one application that fits into the palm of your hand. Have recipes at your fingertips wherever you go by using your iPhone, iPod or even your iPad. It's designed to make busy lives much easier and provides inspiration wherever you are.

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