In addition to being treasured by home cooks around the world, Thermomix ® is also becoming a workhorse in professional kitchens, with celebrity chefs such as Michel Roux and Heston Blumenthal praising its versatility and practicality.

Constructed around a maintenance-free, precision engineered 500W motor that is built to last, Thermomix ® offers precise control over speed, temperatures and cooking times to ensure perfect, consistent results time and time again. The ability to set the Thermomix ® to automatically perform even delicate tasks such as preparing a risotto, cooking crème anglaise or tempering chocolate is an invaluable timesaver. It’s like having an extra pair of hands in your kitchen!

Thermomix ® combines smart technology with the highest quality of German engineering and is constructed from durable materials that can take on the challenges of hard daily use.

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