Millions of satisfied users around the world rely on Thermomix ® every day. That’s because Thermomix ® is packed full of cutting-edge innovations, such as the touchscreen display, and has also been precision engineered to last a lifetime of daily use.

Key hardware features that set Thermomix ® apart include its powerful 500W motor, which offers precision control and enough power to take on even the toughest kitchen tasks. That makes Thermomix ® tough enough for daily professional use in commercial kitchens, though at the same time, it’s also refined and quiet enough for the home. Features like the touchscreen and built-in precision scale are perfect for demanding professional chefs that expect the highest levels of accuracy and control, while they also make it even easier for amateur cooks to prepare amazing food, too.

Thermomix ® also comes with durable accessories that make it a multi-purpose tool which replaces numerous other kitchen appliances. This means the Thermomix ® is incredibly versatile. It is even designed for easy cleaning, with a clever self-cleaning cycle and dishwasher-safe accessories.

What we build makes your daily cooking so much easier.


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