Even if you decide to cook manually, you can set the speed and timer and leave the Thermomix ® to complete a task. The device’s audible tone lets you know when a timed function has finished. Thermomix’s ® simple interface also benefits the more technical chef as it provides very precise control over temperature and speed of operation for supreme accuracy when cooking.

When you are working in the kitchen, you will also discover that convenient time-saving features are integrated in your Thermomix ®. Sensors automatically monitor cooking temperature for consistent, even heating that makes preparing even delicate dishes easy and with far fewer hands and supervision. There is even a special self-cleaning feature that helps wash the mixing bowl after the meal is done.

Despite its multi-functional capabilities, Thermomix ® is incredibly simple to operate and guarantees perfectly consistent results time after time. With its highly accurate timing and temperature settings and precise, intuitive controls, you can be confident that Thermomix ® will get on with the job while you focus on. what to do with the time you've saved.

Thermomix’s ® unique Guided Cooking feature is our innovation for guaranteed success, which brings unprecedented ease to cooking even sophisticated dishes. Thermomix’s ® bright colour touchscreen walks you through recipes step by step. Just follow the instructions and add the ingredients when prompted – your Thermomix ® will measure these for you, set the temperature and timer and tell you when you need to add more ingredients for the next stage. It really couldn’t be simpler.

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