Tailored to the exact shape of the mixing bowl, the spatula provided can reach into every crevice, which makes scraping easier and reduces food waste.
The safety shield on the handle allows you to fit the spatula through the opening of the bowl lid, even while the motor is running, without making contact with the knife. The shield itself is shaped so that it points toward the knife, which means you know where you’re scraping and churning. Its shape also prevents your spatula from rolling off your work surface – another example of smart design at every level. 

Another practical detail is the handy hook on the back of the Thermomix ® spatula, which is designed to fit into a corresponding notch on the rim of the simmering basket. By inserting the hook into the notch, you can safely remove the simmering basket without burning your hands.

Quality and practicality combined

The spatula is made from high-grade, food-safe polypropylene that is not only robust, but completely dishwasher safe. It’s a high-quality and versatile piece of equipment, which will make mixing, churning, stirring or even chopping simply effortless. 

This product is available on the local Thermomix online shop.

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