One of the most innovative features of Thermomix ® is that the recipes are right inside the appliance, so you’ll never be short of inspiration and recipe ideas! Recipe Chips make exploring and following recipes a seamless part of using your Thermomix ® through the unique Guided Cooking function.

Recipe Chips

Recipe Chips bring cookbooks to life for the digital age. Simply insert the Recipe Chip and you’re all set to start browsing recipes for ideas and inspiration. Your Thermomix ®’s clear, easy interface makes it simple to search recipes by categories, to view clear nutritional information and even to get cooking tips and possible variations on the recipe. 

Select a recipe and it appears onscreen with simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that make it a breeze to achieve perfect results. With Guided Cooking, your Thermomix ® presets the time and temperature for each stage. If you need to pause at any time, Thermomix ® remembers your last step so it’s easy to pick up where you left off later. It is so simple that success really is guaranteed. And when you find particular recipes that you keep coming back to enjoy, you can mark these as favourites for faster access later. 

If you want to expand your horizons even further, you can order more Recipe Chips to extend your digital recipe library.

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