More possibilities made easier with the new cooking modes.

Open a world of flavours with our new features

Cook with ease with our intuitive interface

Get unlimited inspiration with the world's biggest cookbook

Awesomeness made effortless.

Transform yourself 

Make roasting aromas, browning meat and creating sensational caramel flavours part of your Thermomix® cuisine.


Become an expert at braising meats and fish with the new Sous Vide function.


Prepare heavenly pulled pork with the Slow Cooking function. Or make some healthy probiotic yoghurt or kimchi with the Fermentation function.


And to make your life even easier, the new Thermomix® is self-cleaning!

Rice cooker

Perfectly cook rice and other grains every time, in one single step. 


Successfully prepare delicious sauces, like Hollandaise and Béarnaise with minimum effort.   

Becoming a master chef has never been easier.

Whether you want to serve a simple family lunch, create a healthy smoothie or impress with a sophisticated dinner – our Guided Cooking Function gives you step-by-step instructions to make sure you cook the perfect meal for you and your loved ones.


Carrot and Coriander soup


Chicken chorizo and chickpea stew


Roasted Sweet Potato & Broccoli


Chicken pesto Tagliatelle


Mushroom Risotto




Beef and Feta koftas


Super food salmon salad

The newest genius in our family

The TM6 is a true culinary revolution, with exciting new functions like High Temperature, Sous Vide, Slow Cooking and Fermentation.
Your personalized Cookido experience is seamlessly integrated on the brilliant display of your new Thermomix® – giving you direct access to a world of inspiration with more than 40,000 international recipes and ideas on how to create delicious homemade dishes with minimal effort.


Come and fall in love
with the new Thermomix®

Save Time

With the new Thermomix® as your sous-chef, you'll have plenty of time for you and your loved ones.


[email protected] – the new Thermomix® is jam-packed with technological innovations to make your cooking better and easier


Get daily inspiration and explore new culinary horizons with the world's biggest cookbook.


With clear on-screen instructions, the new Thermomix® takes you through recipes step by step and gives you tips and tricks that make cooking even more effortless. What's more, every Thermomix® recipe also comes with our unique success guarantee.


Let your culinary imagination run wild with over 20 functions like Sous Vide, Fermentation, Slow Cooking and High Temperature.

All that and much more

Lean more about the tech specifications

Our products have been impressing millions of families for more than 130 years, thanks to their superior, innovative technology and legendary long life.