Classes are held all over the country. They range from free basic cooking classes for those getting started with Thermomix ® all the way to “master class” sessions where participants learn and perfect more advanced skills and recipes. Classes are designed specifically for cooking with your Thermomix ® and are a fantastic way to discover new and exciting uses for your Thermomix ® − and all in a friendly environment.

Cooking classes with Thermomix ® are not only a great way to learn about fresh new recipe ideas, but are also a great way to meet and share ideas with like-minded people in the Thermomix ® culinary community.
Each class is hosted by an expert Thermomix ® representative and offers a totally hands-on approach to learning about and using your Thermomix ® for creating fantastic new menus for the whole family. Everything from baking, party food, lunches and snacks, lunchbox ideas for kids − the list is endless. 

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