Thermomix ® combines the functions of more than twelve food appliances in one device and can weigh, mix, chop, mill, knead, blend, steam, cook, beat, precisely heat, stir and emulsify. Whether you are preparing daily meals for the family, making yourself an occasional snack or spoiling guests with fancy recipes − with the Thermomix ®, it can all be done in a flash. The spectrum ranges from simply boiling eggs and making salad dressings and dips to pesto, steamed fish, risotto, liqueur or ice cream. No icing sugar or vanilla sugar in the house? Or did someone forget to buy  stock cubes? It doesn’t matter because the Thermomix ® can make these things, too!

If required, it can also be used to crush ice, to knead bread and cake dough or to mix refreshing smoothies and shakes. There’s a good reason why the Thermomix ® has seven million enthusiastic users and is the most popular food processor of its type in the world.

The short answer is that you can cook very quickly and extremely easily. The concept of the Thermomix ® is based on a perfectly complimentary combination of sophisticated, intelligent technology and customised recipes that are exactly tailored to the Thermomix ® for guaranteed success. They can be found in the many Thermomix ® cookbooks, recipe booklets, customer magazines and on the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform. Anyone who follows the instructions and quantities is sure to achieve the desired results.

The invention of the Thermomix ® 50 years ago was a revolution because a food processor with so many functions that could independently take care of almost every step in food preparation was unthinkable. The Thermomix ® is widely regarded as the original multi-functional food processor for good reason. 

Today, this revolutionary device goes one step further and is continuously being developed in terms of both its technical capabilities and Vorwerk’s unique and comprehensive service package, which includes thousands of tailored recipes. Thermomix ® customers are provided with personal support and a precise demonstration of all functions from local representatives before purchase. After purchasing their Thermomix ®, customers continue to receive individual support, are given a detailed introduction to the appliance, have many opportunities to compare notes with experts and like-minded people and are able seek information, ideas and valuable tips both in person and online.

All accessories are included in the Thermomix ® basic hardware. This saves space in the kitchen and reduces the need for a number of bowls, pots and dishes as well as effort while cooking. The accessories include the Varoma attachment for steaming, which makes it possible to easily preserve vitamins in fresh ingredients and cook low-fat meals. There is a simmering basket for side dishes such as rice, potatoes or vegetables and for sieving fruit juices. Mousse, cream or egg whites can be beaten with the butterfly whisk, which can simply be attached to the knife. Beyond this, no further individual parts are required to use the entire range of functions. The entire device is designed with quality and efficiency in mind − even the sealing plug for the lid of the mixing bowl can also be used as a measuring cup!

Thermomix ® customers benefit from a unique, large and diverse selection of recipes. A selection can be found in the many Thermomix ® cookbooks, recipe booklets and on the new Thermomix ® Recipe Platform, all of which make it easy to maintain a balanced diet. Information regarding this and how to order can be found on your country website. Those who enjoy discussing their experiences or would like to share recipes with others can meet others at local cooking courses or contact members of the online fan base via the official community pages or Facebook.

The Thermomix ® is the ideal solution for every lifestyle. Thanks to its versatility and numerous possible applications, it can be used in a variety of ways. Parents who cook for themselves and their families every day find it to be a fast and uncomplicated kitchen assistant that saves time and helps them to cook fresh and healthy meals. People just learning to cook benefit from the fact that it operates independently and, of course, from the recipes with guaranteed success, which simplifies cooking.
More than a few users have grown from amateur cooks into smart hosts thanks to Thermomix ®. Passionate hobby cooks are also inspired by the variety of culinary delights on offer and often begin to experiment with the Thermomix ® for themselves to discover entirely new dishes. Even professional and gourmet chefs, who depend on consistently perfect results, trust the Thermomix ®. They use it whenever they need it for selected steps during preparation or for certain dishes.

Cleaning the Thermomix ® is as simple as cooking with it. If there is food residue, simply pour a little water and detergent into the mixer and then turn it on at level 10 for a few seconds. All individual parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher as they are made from non-corrodible material and are dishwasher safe. The Thermomix ® itself can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth.

The price of the Thermomix ® varies depending on the country. With Thermomix ®, there’s no need to buy a number of different food processors – this single machine does it all. Thermomix ® users around the world agree that the savings you gain from owning this powerful machine far outweigh its cost, particularly as you can eat restaurant-quality food at home without the costs of takeout or dining out. Of course, customers receive much more than a technically exceptional product with proven Vorwerk quality with their purchase. Aside from the security of knowing that they have the original multi-functional food processor, the service offered in conjunction with it also provides peace of mind.

The Thermomix ® is available through direct sales channels in more than 50 countries from Vorwerk subsidiaries or official distributors. This ensures that you receive a comprehensive demonstration of its unique functions as well as the best possible level of customer service and ongoing support. For more information on purchasing a Thermomix ®, please use the form on the website to get in contact with your local distributor. You can find a list of distributors via the Worldwide Module.

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