The concept of Thermomix ® began when a mother in Germany wanted to make her own baby food but was unable to find an appliance capable of grinding food into small enough pieces with the ability to cook at the same time. 

Developed in Germany, it has taken four generations of the Thermomix ® and the expertise of more than 120 engineers to continually improve and perfect the appliance. Some of the world’s leading chefs have tested more than 25,000 recipes specifically for use with what has to be the world’s most versatile kitchen appliance. 

Since its development in 1960, this revolutionary machine has taken Europe by storm and is growing in popularity across the world. Thermomix ® is now used in millions of kitchens worldwide, with at least two Thermomix ® appliances sold every minute!

Today the Thermomix ® is manufactured in a Vorwerk plant in France. Our engineers continue to innovate to keep Thermomix ® at the forefront of technological advancements, while dedicated chefs around the world continue to develop new recipes and write new cookbooks that are tailored to bring the very best of world cuisine to Thermomix ® users. 

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History of Vorwerk

Our products have been impressing millions of families for more than 130 years, thanks to their superior, innovative technology and legendary long life.