Whether you are re-entering the workforce or seeking a new challenge, we offer you a supportive environment and a start without any financial risk. We provide all the training and equipment you need to get started.  

We offer an attractive job with flexible time management. The work offers a great challenge with plenty of opportunities for success. 

This role is particularly well suited to experienced family managers! You can bring your expertise on family life and the domestic kitchen right into your new career. And you can share your passion for a premium product with others – a rewarding and surprisingly social experience that will also earn you money! 

If you are considering becoming a Thermomix ® advisor, you can count on a positive environment, a friendly team and maximum recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At cooking events, potential buyers are shown the high-quality food processor on location in their own kitchens.
  • We go to our customers because they need to test and experience the product in person. 
  • Advisors demonstrate the food processor to the hostess or host and the other guests in a friendly atmosphere and familiar environment. 
  • Word of mouth matters. Keeping the atmosphere sociable and enjoyable means that enthusiastic guests will recommend advisors to others.
  • Advisors meet on a regular basis to share their experiences about the job, to support each other and to cook together with the Thermomix ®.
  • We offer advisors free training and plenty of practical guidance as they become familiar with the job and in order to achieve success in the long term. 

    • Yes − it is your job to raise broad awareness of the Thermomix ®. This is achieved through product demonstrations, or what we call “Thermomix ® cooking events”.
    • First you cook for your own friends – this is a great way to learn in a familiar atmosphere how to share and spread your enthusiasm to others. 
    • You can be confident that this method is proven and works very well. You will see how others become inspired because they enjoy the Thermomix ® and like experiencing its benefits live. The product is one that you can believe in and that people will love.

      • Yes – as part of our commitment to make training absolutely free, we provide you with a Thermomix ® on loan for the first 40 days.
      • Even better – with your first sale, you get your own Thermomix ®.

      • We assist you and give you all the information you need in the first days and weeks to become a Thermomix ® advisor.
      • We offer you a perfect newcomer programme: You can test the Thermomix ® for 40 days as part of your training without any financial commitment.
      • If you enjoy your job as an advisor for Thermomix ®, you then stay in the newcomer programme for another 60 days.
      • You receive free training to become successful at your job.
      • We have developed a programme of practical, successive training modules that help you build your expertise and offer you the security you need for your job. 

      • You earn money with each Thermomix ® sale.
      • We offer you a performance-based pay system.
      • Your potential earnings are based on the time you commit and your performance – this means you can set your own goals.
      • Your group director will advise you about your individual potential earnings in a personal meeting and will answer any questions.

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